Biggest planting day yet!

Biggest planting day yet!
31 July 2023

The passionate environmental stewards from North Swan Land Conservation District Committee (NSLCDC) - known locally as Bullsbrook Landcare, - and the Chittering Landcare Centre, oversaw the day’s events as volunteers planted around 1,500 rushes and sedges along the creek line which will help to stabilise the banks of the Ki It Monger Brook

Around 3,000 West Australian Native shrubs were among the plants secured through a grant from the Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (SALP).

NSLCDC Secretary, Anne Janes said as the revegetation becomes more established the improved habitat will bring in more birds.

“It is especially pleasing to see the Ki-It Monger Brook evolving into a wildlife corridor as the focal point of Kingsford,” she said.

“The Brook also offers an opportunity for the community to learn more about their natural environment and be connected to it.”

This year’s Bullsbrook Community Planting Day on Saturday, 15 July 2023 was a perfect chance to see what a difference the annual planting days have made over the years, with previously planted seedlings getting bigger and stronger with each passing season.

“It was so great to see more of the new Kingsford residents joining us to get involved in the planting day this year,” said Anne.

Retaining and revegetating the natural creek while opening it up to the community is a great example of how Kingsford has been designed to blend with its natural surroundings, including the Darling Scarp, which serves as a stunning backdrop to this new residential estate.

According to NSLCDC Chairperson Richard Janes the partnership between Kingsford and Landcare has been very beneficial, improving the habitat of the local area for birds and wildlife.

Earlier this year, a custom-designed bird watering station was installed at the Ki-It Monger Brook. The first of its kind in the City of Swan, it will ensure that native birds have easy access to fresh water, especially during the long hot summer months.

Creating a haven for birds and wildlife, along with shaded areas for walking and picnics, the Ki-It Monger Brook is considered the natural jewel in Kingsford’s crown.

“Ki-It Monger Brook is the focus for the Kingsford development, so it’s been really nice to work on the project and re-establish vegetation,” he said.

Adam Shephard, Managing Director at Okeland Communities, the developer of Kingsford, said it was rewarding to see how the annual planting days had got bigger and busier each year as the community came together to strengthen the biodiversity along Kingsford’s natural creek line.

“Our thanks go to Bullsbrook Landcare and everyone involved in the community planting day for being so passionate about our local environment,” Adam said.