Local youth in action

Local youth in action
06 April 2022

Event managers, lobbyists, marketeers, role models, educators and a voice for young people in Bullsbrook. It’s fair to say the Bullseye Youth Committee isn’t your everyday youth committee.

Committed to going above and beyond, this busy group of 12-18-year-olds was honoured with an Active Citizenship Award in the City of Swan 2022 Australia Day celebrations.

“They’re passionate about their local community and want to see positive change for young people,” says Teisha Morley a City of Swan senior youth and community project officer who works closely with young people in Bullsbrook.

“Committed to giving back to their community, and with the support of the City of Swan’s youth development team, these young people are also learning valuable skills and developing key leadership qualities,” Teisha says.

The Bullseye Youth Committee has been actively involved in the Bullsbrook community for the past four years, organising events and activities, and raising awareness of youth issues such as mental health, transport, employment and access to more free safe spaces.

The committee has single-handedly run community events such as movie nights, taken the lead on Christmas celebrations at Kingsford and volunteered time and energy at the Bullsbrook Country Fair, which attracts crowds of up to 10,000 people.

Their mental health forum was a huge success, bringing a range of services to the youth centre so young people could learn more, while their Youth Summit brought 75 young people together to put questions directly to local and State government representatives.

This award-winning youth committee has also been instrumental in running The Junior Hangout, a pilot program for 7-11-year-olds, and its members have played an important role in peer mentoring.

Anne Janes, President of the Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Association, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Bullseye Youth Committee.

“These young people have been the constant core group leading the way to develop ideas for the future as the town of Bullsbrook grows,” Anne says.

When members of the Bullseye Youth Committee contacted Landcare, for example, their message was clear: “We hear about environmental issues and have serious concerns with regards to climate change but we don’t know how we can actually do something to help.”

As a result, the young changemakers have become regular participants in community planting days as part of the Bullsbrook Landcare revegetation program.

“It’s been extremely rewarding for these young people knowing they can make a difference by volunteering their time to improve their local environment. It’s also setting a great example to other young people and parents alike,” Anne says.

“The Bullseye Youth Committee is a group of terrific young people working proactively with the Bullsbrook community.

“Enthusiastic and committed, these youngsters empower others to become actively involved in the community, creating a rewarding and sustainable environment for young people to grow and develop,” Anne says.

Photo caption: Bullseye Youth Committee (L-R).

Front: Linden, Rachelle, Paige, and Krystal.

Back: Kayla, Monique, Keira, Rhianna, and Josh.

Absent: Thomas, Rohan and Ben.