Frequently Asked Questions – Chittering Road Upgrade and Traffic Management

Q. Why is the upgrade of Chittering Road required?
A. The planned upgrade to Chittering Road is required to facilitate the expected additional traffic through the area from the Kingsford development. This condition is mandated by the City of Swan and the Western Australian Planning Commission as part of the subdivision works.

Q. Who is completing the Chittering Road upgrade works?
A. The upgrade works are being undertaken by the developer and are being constructed by the civil contractor appointed to the project, RJ Vincent.

Q. When will the Chittering Road upgrade works commence and be completed?
A. Preliminary works will commence around mid May 2019. The Chittering Road upgrade works are planned to commence in early June 2019 with completion anticipated by mid-July 2019. RJ Vincent will continue to have site presence until the anticipated completion of the first stage subdivision works in late July 2019.

Q. What will the Chittering Road upgrade works include?
A. The upgrade works to Chittering Road will include road widening, asphalt re-sheeting and drainage upgrade. A new right turn pocket into Brearley Street will be installed and a new roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Chittering Road and Maroubra Avenue. The upgrade works will also include improvements to PTA bus stop facilities and construction of a new dual use path along the development side of Chittering Road where upgraded landscaping will also be installed.

Q. Will Chittering Road be closed during upgrade works?
A. Chittering Road will not be closed during any of the upgrade works. During certain portions of the upgrade works traffic along will be reduced to one lane which will be conducted under full traffic management control.

Q. During the Chittering Road upgrade works, what traffic management will be in place?
A. The traffic management will include full time speed reductions to 40km/hr and stop/go traffic attendants for certain portions of the upgrade works. Temporary traffic signals will be in place when traffic is reduced to one lane. In certain sections of Chittering Road, lanes will be narrowed to facilitate some of the works. Upon completion of the upgrade, the existing 40km/hr school zone signs will be replaced.

Q. Will there be any service disruptions occurring as a result of the Chittering Road upgrade?
A. There are no service disruptions currently planned.

Q. Who can I contact for more information about the Chittering Road upgrade works?
A. RJ Vincent are the appointed civil contractors for the works involved in upgrading of Chittering Road, however we are happy to try answer any questions you may have. Please email and if we are unable to answer your questions, we can arrange for the Project Manager to get in contact with you.

Q. Why have trees been removed along Chittering Road?
A. To facilitate the future roundabout at Maroubra Avenue as required by the City of Swan and the Western Australian Planning Commission, a number of trees were unfortunately required to be removed at that location. The remaining trees along Chittering Road fronting Kingsford Estate will be retained and integrated into the design of the future dual use path and landscaping.

Some of the fallen trees have been donated to be turned into nature play with the Bullsbrook College and the others will be reused within Kingsford in future parks which also includes a significant number of mature trees soon to be planted as part of key landscaping works.